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Handgun Calibers

Handgun Calibers

Handguns come in a huge variety of calibers, and oftentimes it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. To help you figure out which size fits you, we’ve broken down the pros and cons of different popular sizes.

One of the most popular rounds of all time, the .45 ACP is used in most 1911 pistols. The .45 Long Colt is the other option when considering .45 ammo. The .45 is a heavy duty hitter with serious stopping power, and is often used in law enforcement and military because of its strength. Suitable for a variety of uses, the .45 is perfect for home defense as well as in a concealed carry pistol.
The 9mm is often used in carry pistols, since it’s smaller than the .45. Because of its size, 9mm handguns often have greater capacities than their larger chambered kin, but the size also means that the 9mm has less stopping power than the .45.

.22 handguns are often used as concealed carry weapons, as are the 9mm models. This ammo is especially popular because it’s cheap and widely available. These facts make .22 handguns perfect for gun enthusiasts who want a practice pistol or one to shoot for pleasure.

Especially popular with revolvers, the .357 Magnum is a serious round with heavy duty capabilities. This ammo has serious stopping power and is good for home defense. Because many .357 handguns are revolvers, if you’re going to use a .357 Magnum handgun for home defense, you need to be experienced enough to hit what you shoot at regardless of the circumstances. As an added bonus, guns that take the .357 can also use a .38 Special, allowing you to practice shooting without the kick of the .357.

The .44 Magnum is the most powerful of the calibers covered in this article. Often used for hunting, handguns that use the .44 Magnum can stop bears dead in their tracks. These handguns are great for home defense if you can handle the kick, and they’re also good if you live in rural areas where you need to carry protection against large animals.


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  Springfield Armory M1 Garand only $1299.99
  Remington Model 710 only $429.99
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  Armscor M1-A1 only $1499.99
  Heckler & Koch G93 only $3899.99
  Colt 9mm only $1999.99
  Colt Sporter Target Model *UNFIRED* only $1499.99
  Polytech National Match AK *UNFIRED* only $1999.99
  EAA Saiga .308 only $1099.99
  Styer AUG only $5000
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  J.C. Higgins .20GA only $299.99
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