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Les Baer 1911 Ultimate Master Combat Compensated Pistol

Don’t let the classic styling of the Les Baer 1911 Ultimate Master Combat Compensated pistol fool you; this gun is fast and is built with the speed you need for racing. With low-mount LBC adjustable sights and Baer dovetailed front sights, this compensated pistol has decreased muzzle rise to allow easier target acquisition in rapid-fire situations. The Baer 1911 Ultimate Master Combat Compensated pistol also features:

Les Baer 1911 Ultimate Master Combat Compensated Pistol
Sale Price: $3098.00

Les Baer 1911 Ultimate Master Combat Pistol, Compensated, .45 ACP
10 Round Magazine will be shipped to to restricted states.
Sale Price: $2891.00

All Special Order Guns must be paid w/ personal check, money order or cashier's check ONLY. Please Contact Us to place an order.

• Baer NM steel frame and NM double serrated slide with blued finish
• Baer NM barrel
• Baer four-port, tapered serrated top cone compensator
• Lowered and flared ejection port
• Two-piece beveled magazine well
• 30 and 40 lpi checkering
• Baer extended ambi safety
• Baer beavertail grip safety with pad
• Baer extended mag release button
• Polished feed ramp and barrel throat
• Baer Premium Checkered Cocobolo grips
• (2) 8-round premium magazines

Available in either .45 ACP or .38 Super with a supported chamber, other calibers are available on request, as is a scoped model. Regardless of which configuration you choose, each of these 1911 Les Baer pistols comes with two 8-round magazines, giving you ample ammo when you need it most.


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