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Used Rifles from

At, we know that trying to find affordable yet reliable used rifles can be a sport in itself. If you want to go pro, then you’ve got to get your used rifles from

used winchester model 1894 rifle
Used Winchester Model 1894 Rifle
Price: $1599.99 With great deals and top-quality firearms, we’ve got the rifles you want and quality you can trust. We offer rifles from manufacturers like Winchester, Remington, and more, all at great prices. Thoroughly inspected by experts, all used rifles we offer come with clear and precise descriptions of their condition to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting. Plus, if you have any questions, just e-mail us or call us for answers that are as fast and accurate as our guns.

Used Winchester Model 94 Rifle
Used Winchester Model 94 Rifle
Price: $599.99

Whether you’re looking for a varminter for small game, a large-caliber rifle for deer, or you’re searching for an antique to display in your home, has used rifles to fulfill virtually any desire. Experience the excitement of tracking down a rare, historic piece. Enjoy the victory of getting the rifle you’ve been searching for at a huge discount. Regardless of your needs, has used rifles in calibers, sizes, and styles for everyone.

Stop hunting for clean, dependable used rifles, and get back to hunting for game. For all your firearms needs, you gotta go pro with

Call 1-866-574-GUNS(4867) to place an order or for more information.


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  *Special Offers*
  Beretta Model 96 only $379.99
  Ruger Black Hawk .45LC only $399.99
  Smith & Wesson .32 S&W Long only $299.99
  Smith & Wesson Model 10 only $499.99
  H&K P2000 with Night Sights only $750
  Used Handguns
  Magnum Research Desert Eagle only $1249.99
  Discontinued Colt Police Positive only $499.99
  Para Ordnance P12-45 *unfired* only $799
  North American Arms Mini Revolver Belt Buckle only $599.99
  Sig Arms P220 only $899.99
  Kahr Arms CW9 only $449.99
  Colt .45 1911 only $999.99
  Caspian Arms 1911 A1 only $799.99
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  Used Rifles
  Winchester Model 1894 Rifle only $1500
  Winchester Model 94 only $599.99
  Mauser M1938 Turkish only $149.99
  Springfield Armory M1 Garand only $1299.99
  Remington Model 710 only $429.99
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  Used Assault Rifles
  Colt Match H-Bar 20" Bbl. *Blue Lable* only $1399.99
  Armscor M1-A1 only $1499.99
  Heckler & Koch G93 only $3899.99
  Colt 9mm only $1999.99
  Colt Sporter Target Model *UNFIRED* only $1499.99
  Polytech National Match AK *UNFIRED* only $1999.99
  EAA Saiga .308 only $1099.99
  Styer AUG only $5000
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  Used Shotguns
  Sauer Drilling Shotguns only $7499.99
  J.C. Higgins .20GA only $299.99
  Mossberg Model 500 only $329.99
  Winchester Model 12 only $500
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  Used Specialty Weapons
  Colt SAA Set - 1959 Early 2nd Generation only $20,000/pair
  Colt SAA 1903 Production only $25,000
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